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Vitamin D: Poorest Foods for Vegetarians (per portion)

Vitamin D regulates the use of Calcium and Phosphorus.
Vitamin D also stimulates immunity.

Detailed list (Foods quantities are per portion)
Bottom Vitamin D Rich Foods for Vegetarians
0%0µggravy, mushroom, canned (60ml)
0%0µgsauce, barbecue, ready-to-serve (30ml)
0%0µgsalsa sauce (60ml)
0%0µgsauce, pepper, tabasco, ready-to-serve (5ml)
0%0µgminestrone (250ml)
0%0µgpea soup (250ml)
0%0µgtomato soup (250ml)
0%0µgonion soup (250ml)
0%0µgsauces, mustard, brown, prepared, ready-to-serve (5ml)
0%0µgweetabix alpen (muesli) (30g)
0%0µgkellogg's bran flakes (30g)
0%0µgkellogg's crispix (30g)
0%0µgkellogg's corn flakes (30g)
0%0µgkellogg's froot loops (30g)
0%0µgweetabix (55g)
0%0µggeneral mills golden grahams (30g)
0%0µgkellogg's rice krispies (30g)
0%0µgkellogg's special k (30g)
0%0µgkellogg's corn pops (30g)
0%0µgquaker puffed wheat (15g)
0%0µgvinegar (15ml)
0%0µgkellogg's all bran (30g)
0%0µggeneral mills cheerios (30g)
0%0µgapple juice, canned or bottled, without added v... (250ml)
0%0µgapricot, raw (140g)
0%0µgapricot, canned halves with skin, water pack, s... (150ml)
0%0µgapricot, dried, sulphured, uncooked (40g)
0%0µgavocado (140g)
0%0µgblackberry, raw (140g)
0%0µgblackberry, canned, heavy syrup pack, solids an... (150ml)
0%0µgcherry, sour, red, raw (140g)
0%0µgcherry, sour, red, canned, water pack, solids a... (150ml)
0%0µgcherry, sweet, raw (140g)
0%0µgcherry, sweet, canned, water pack, solids and l... (150ml)
0%0µgblackcurrant (140g)
0%0µgzante currants (40g)
0%0µgfig, dried, uncooked (40g)
0%0µgfruit cocktail (peach, pear, apricot, pineapple... (150ml)
0%0µgfruit salad (peach, pear, apricot, pineapple, c... (150ml)
0%0µggooseberry raw (140g)
0%0µggrapefruit, pink or red, all areas, raw (140g)
0%0µggrapefruit juice, canned, sweetened (250ml)
0%0µggrape, north american type (slip skin), raw (140g)
0%0µggrape juice, canned or bottled (250ml)
0%0µgguava (140g)
0%0µgkiwifruit (140g)
0%0µgkumquat (140g)
0%0µglemon, raw, without peel (55g)
0%0µglemon juice, raw (5ml)
0%0µglemon peel, raw (55g)

Abstract (Foods quantities are per portion)
Top Vitamin D Rich Foods for Vegetarians
54%2.7µgskimmed milk (dry) (25g)
50%2.5µggoat milk (250ml)
40%2µgscrambled egg (110g)
40%2µgcheese souffle (250ml)
36%1.8µgcream puff (80g)
32%1.6µgeclair (80g)
30%1.5µgwhite sauce (60ml)
29%1.4µgegg and cheese sandwich (140g)
28%1.4µglemon pudding (125ml)
27%1.3µgcottage cheese (regular) (175g)
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